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People are changing their minds when it comes to using electricity. Sometimes some of them don’t spend too much time inside their homes to save energy and electricity instead they will go out and stay in the shopping mall to feel cooler and save the money that will be gotten from the electricity bill. Some of them are making some New Year’s resolution that they will change their habits of consuming too much electricity every month. Yet, still we don’t follow what we promised to do.  


Using a lot of appliances at home could really rise your bill. Now, it is very hard for someone to reduce and make their bills lower. It is the similar thing about everyone’s whose fat. They always say that they won’t eat too much or they will go to the gym, but still they failed because they don’t follow some simple rules and hacks.  

It doesn’t mean that you won’t use any appliances anymore to save yourself from a very high and shocking electric bill. So, here’s the list that you could find interesting to do. 

ENERGY AND ELECTRICITY IDEA NUMBER 1: It is more advisable now to use fluorescent lamps or even LED bulbs to save more energy in using it. They consume less electricity by 10 percent. They can also last for a longer time compared to the normal kind of light bulb. You have check as well the content of the bulb before purchasing it. During the day time, you could use the natural light coming from the sun. It would save you more energy from the light.  

ENERGY AND ELECTRICITY IDEA NUMBER 2: When we talk about energy consuming devices. We usually think more of the appliances inside our house. If you are planning to buy some appliances for your house, make sure that you will choose the one that can save electricity from the electricity bill. If there is nothing in your refrigerator, you can unplug it. Using the washing machine, you can try to wash your clothes at once. This will save you time and energy and soap as well. If the sun is very hot, you could have air dry instead of putting them to washing machine dryer. The same thing with ironing your clothes, iron them at once to save your own energy and time.  

ENERGY AND ELECTRICITY IDEA NUMBER 3: For cooling system. During summer a lot of people complain about the hot weather. So, most of the people prefer to stay at home and turn on the air conditioner. This is the time that most of the houses could have higher electricity bill compared from their previous bills. It is very important to check your appliances and cooling system if there is a problem or something wrong. This may cause in rising your electric bill. If there a problem with your aircon, you may check ac repair weston, they could definitely help you with your appliance and cooling system problem.  

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