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Some of the most familiar health problems of your pet and proper treatment of it

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People considered animals as a pet. There are many different kinds of animals that can be used as a house pet. Of course, everything will depend on how we take care of them. Even if we give them love and care. Common pest issues are some of the things we need to take into consideration. It could bring a sever and painful condition to them and to the people around it.  

Having some infections in the ear and even to the nose could be life threatening to dogs. It may include the ear part of this canine. There could be some insects or microorganisms there like for example the bacteria, or an allergy inside the canal of the ear. So, you better check and clean your pet as frequent as you can. If your dog has the following indications like, it keeps on tilting the head, there is a strange smell or foul odor coming from him. Can’t stop from scratching himself. Unable to balance himself while walking. The movement and how it rotates its eyes. There is an inflammation in the ear part and even discharging a yellow or bloody color from the it. It is always a good option to see your vet and do some precautionary measures. For some serious condition, it would lead to an operation and surgery. So, it is always a good idea to check them. 

For younger kids, it is a typical thing to see and have tapeworms, or roundworms inside the kid’s body and stomach. It is a sign that your children are not in a healthy condition.  It is the same thing with our dogs and cats. It will make them more uncomfortable and sometimes it will result to losing their appetite. If you notice that they are having diarrhea or there is a sudden change to its weight, their fur started to get even dryer, and sometime they vomit with something strange in it. It is always to call you doctor to see and check what is wrong with them. Vets would give some medication and you need to do it orally to them.  

Everyone is irritated seeing their pets with fleas and ticks. It would make them feel not so good and affects the eating habit of them. If you don’t care and ignore this, it would probably result to a more serious skin disease to them. They can feel their appetite for food is decreasing. You can buy a spray solution and before applying it, make sure that they are very and well-cleaned. You may use some anti-flea soap or shampoo.  

It is poisonous for dogs to eat onions, garlic and even chocolates. Don’t give and not to try giving them these as it may cause death. Aside from that, it may also mean that they stress and not in the mood to be disturb. If they experienced this, try to offer them some steamed skinless chicken or with rice.

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